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Arizona at Oregon State Gamethread: A season-defining game for two bad teams

Here it is: the first chance for the Arizona Wildcats to show the world they're not scrubs. The first chance to show us they're not hung up on a nine-game losing streak to big boy colleges. The first chance to prove that this season is salvageable.

Against the Oregon State Beavers, who are winless in four games (including a loss to Sacramento State), the Wildcats can make a statement that the first few games of a four-game losing skid were as this team was finding its identity, while the last two were simply thrown out the window because of silly mistakes.

That's what we'd hope for, at least. Or maybe we're just lying to ourselves. For the sake of this season not getting repetitive as far as what to expect, here's to hoping Arizona blasts the Beavers. I mean, really, if the Wildcats lose this one, Tucson's suicide prevention hot-line might be ringing off the hook.