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Arizona loses to Colorado 48-29, but Steve Physioc always wins

Did you know that the Arizona Wildcats lost to the Colorado Buffaloes 48-29 on senior day? Steve Physioc let us know. His partner let us know. Colorado head coach Jon Embree let us know in his postgame interview.

Really quickly, here are some stats.

Arizona, erh, Nick Foles, turned the ball over -- A LOT. Foles tried to kill his NFL draft status with four turnovers, throwing three interceptions and fumbling the ball once that was recovered by the Buffs. The Wildcats made an average-at-best quarterback in SENIOR Tyler Hansen look solid. And they gave up 181 rushing yards to running back Rodney Stewart, who, yes, is a SENIOR.

All in all, the SENIORS played great on SENIOR day for Colorado.

The Wildcats again refused to use much of its rushing game, giving 14 combined carries to Keola Antolin and Ka'Deem Carey, who averaged 6.0 and 4.1 yards per touch, respectively.

So in the end, the Buffs and their supposed 10-worst offenses put up 273 rush yards to Arizona's 60. Arizona gave up 500 total offensive yards to the Buffaloes, who hadn't scored 48 points since Nov. 23, 2007, tweeted Anthony Gimino of the Tucson Citizen.


 Anthony Gimino 
Quick research shows CU's 48 points vs.  the most since Nov. 23, 2007, when the Buffs had 65 vs. Nebraska.


Now, Arizona finds itself all alone and in the bottom of the Pac-12 with a 1-7 record. Colorado is now 1-6, earning their first Pac-12 victory in its history against a Wildcat team that couldn't make a stop and couldn't play an offensive possession without making a mistake.

I found myself analyzing the play-by-play calling of Steve Physioc rather than analyzing an Arizona team that I knew would screw up.

There was hope that the Wildcats could look good against a bad Buffaloes team, and I figured it could possibly turn into a blowout a la the UCLA contest. But just as the Wildcats did to get Mike Stoops fired in the Oregon State loss, they showed up flat and unfocused against a team that needed a win.

And yeah, senior day made the seniors play like seniors.

Anyway, here's my quick compilation of things that excites Steve Physioc, because I don't want to nor feel the need to tell you why Arizona has a crappy football team. Just, uh, read the other recaps from this season.

Gaining yards that you didn't think were going to be gained 

Running formations that they like and they throw it 

Not bowl games 





Missed tackles 

Senior Day