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Gamethread: Will Renardo Sidney show up as Arizona faces Mississippi State?

I'm a big fan of basketball players who are 6-foot-10, nearly 300 pounds have the stride of a ballerina. OK, I know that's pretty weird, but seriously, if just one of these guys wasn't a head-case, they'd be a monster.

Between UCLA's Joshua Smith, DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings and Renardo Sidney of Mississippi State, one of them has got to figure it out, right?

Sidney's Bulldogs face the Arizona Wildcats for this afternoon's finals of the 2K Sports Classic in Madison Square Garden, and Solomon Hill's former high school teammate could be trouble for Arizona. That is, if he doesn't go 0-for-8 from the field as he did in the Bulldogs' upset of No. 19 Texas A&M yesterday.

The Fairfax (Los Angeles) High School products have a sliiiightly similar rep; all the talent in the world, yet not doing enough to take advantage of it. Hill, though, isn't a screw-off like Renardo who, definitely decided to fight his teammate, in Hawaii of all places, in front of everyone (see video after the jump).

Here's to hoping he's going to figure it out ... next game.