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Arizona at ASU: All rival everything

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Need to know the ups and downs of the Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils' rivalry?

You probably already know the history of Tempe Normal, the ugly colors and the Sun Devils alumni including a dude who did a lot of steroids and a cheerleader turned porn star (Fun fact: I think Courtney Simpson miiight have gone to my high school, but I have no proof of this -- only rumor).

As far as football is concerned, you older folk probably remember the historic moments that Kyle Kensing has been bringing you this week. Here's the rundown there.

But there's a lot of other good stuff around the web.

"It's for bragging rights," UA senior quarterback Nick Foles said. "It's really huge for the fans. Neither team can stand each other. I don't like ASU at all. It's always a hard-fought, dirty game.

"I just don't like them. I don't need anything else."

Now down to the football involved.

Here's to ruining another ASU team that teased everyone about being a good football team.