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Gamethread: Bringing the Sun Devils down is the only silver lining left for Arizona

Well, here's the only salvation for the Arizona Wildcats' season. As they head into Tempe to fight a 6-4 Arizona State Sun Devils team, we have a few questions to ask.

For one, how awkward is it that the ASU game climax -- 2-8 season or not -- falls as the second-to-last game?Finishing the year against Louisiana-Lafayette feels like dragging this year out one week too long. What's the over/under on 35,000 fans showing up the day after Thanksgiving?

Secondly, do you think the Wildcats have a chance in this one. I'm always the guy who believes rivalries never go as expected, are always unpredictable and always fun. But I don't know if Arizona has a fighting chance; if an awful Colorado Buffaloes team stomps all over these Wildcats, I see little hope that things can go any better against ASU, even if the Devils are on a two-game losing skid.

But hey, as the overly-used saying in the sports world goes, that's why you play the game.