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Links: Mike Leach tours Tucson, Miller calls out vets and Bondurant is the man

The Mike Leach-to-Arizona rumors will peak today, as the former Texas Tech Red Raiders football coach takes a mini-tour of the Old Pueblo. 


  • Daily Star reporter Ryan Finley caught up with Leach during his press conference for the Casino del Sol College All-Star game to be held in Tucson later this year. The coach will give a speech to law school students at the University of Arizona at 3 p.m. this afternoon before heading off to a Barnes and Noble book signing tonight for his book entitled "Swing Your Sword."


Of course, we'd love to know what he thinks of Tucson. But Greg Byrne pretty much has a gag order upon whomever the Wildcats are interviewing in the next few months, so we're not going to get that info. Leach did tell Finley he's not done coaching, while he seemed to allude to the Arizona gig as a pretty good one. 

History says that's debatable, but the warm weather, lifestyle and potential is definitely there. I mean ... that's why I go here. 

Meanwhile, Sean Miller's basketball team is under construction. I'm not sure if a foundation has even been built. Quite honestly, it's like someone forgot to order the concrete.



It probably should happen sooner rather than later considering whomever becomes the "go-to guy" needs to figure that out. Keeping Kyle Fogg, Hill,and Jesse Perry on the floor longer will help them sort it out. Nick Johnson and Josiah Turner have shown flashes of their immense talent, though I'm sure Miller won't ask for freshman to carry the load just yet. Then again, if one of the vets can't step up, he might do that once the team is well into the season.


Me too. I like watching a kid go out there and try to knock heads off. Kind of like a mini Adam Hall if you ask me. Either way, the Wildcats could use more playmakers like that.