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Gamethread: Arizona seniors go out with a 'Pfft' against Louisiana-Lafayette

Since this one is pretty much unavailable to everyone on planet Earth, here's a link to some live audio and stats.

Look, it's not like I'm underestimating the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns. I realize that they're an FBS team and, unlike the Arizona Wildcats, are actually going to a bowl game.

And I know that if the Wildcats lost to teams like Colorado and Oregon State, this is definitely not a gimme victory.

Still, you've got to feel bad for guys like Nick Foles, Keola Antolin, Juron Criner and Trevin Wade. After years of dedication to Arizona, their career ends in a tailspin of a season against a no-name team and likely, in front of the least amount of fans in almost a decade.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving? No student support? I just feel bad for them.

Let's not get it twisted. The seniors will need to play with a sense of "This is my last game" or else the Wildcats could get embarrassed, at home, against a team that Tucson fans really don't know much about.