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Video: Derrick Williams' Under Armour commercial is released

You've seen the releases of Under Armour's new "Are you from HERE?" campaign from the likes of Brandon Jennings and Kemba Walker.

You knew this one was coming.

Former Arizona Wildcats forward Derrick Williams broke out his very own UA video on Wednesday night. And the story he tells in it is very D-Will.

"I didn't grow up in a broken home or a bad part of town. I don't have a rap demo."

"Three years ago, I was a nobody. I wasn't on any rankings or websites."

Personally, I'm digging Under Armour's niche marketing. Jennings told his story of growing up in Compton and Williams tells his story of his very different coming of age in the basketball world.

Unlike the Nikes and adidas, Under Armour is winning in portraying their players' true personalities.

Williams is the perfect example; he doesn't need the street cred to be one face of a growing shoe company -- he's just got to be himself. And as the video shows, he did it from being a no-name recruit, to Arizona's face and now approaches the beginning of his Minnesota Timberwolves career.

Good stuff.