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Bellotti? Leach? On why the rumor mill for Arizona's next football coach is sorta pointless

We've got to do it.

Writers who cover sports gotta' keep up with every report, every rumor and every guess as to who might be moving into the Arizona Wildcats head coaching position. But as an odd exception, I think this case doesn't necessarily deserve that much comment.

It's why I've been cautious about writing anything here. Links, yeah, I'll do it. But trying to take a stab at it myself? That's energy that could be better used for following up on Rob Gronkowski's porn star socials and "The League" references.

Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne told Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star that he's flat-out not talking about the coaching search. And for those candidates who Arizona interviews and say they've been interviewed, well, they can consider themselves out of the running.

I totally believe Byrne. And I totally believe that when Mike Leach comes out to Tucson, he's doing it for his current job obligations. When he says it's a great job, he's being honest. When he says he hasn't been contacted about the opening, well, what do you expect him to say? Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't.

And in the most recent report, it was former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti telling The Oregonian that there's no truth to the rumors about any interest between him and Arizona.

Props to Ken Goe for asking. That's his job. But I wouldn't take any credence in what any of these coaches say considering Byrne's approach.

Sure, Leach and Bellotti are amongst the names Byrne could go after because they're successful head coaches who are out of jobs. Other than Urban Meyer, there's not any other names off the top of my head that are more successful and possibly itching to get back into head coaching.

So it'd be stupid for Byrne to not ask Leach and Bellotti. But I'm sure his ears are wide open. Options are aplenty.

The popular Sports by Brooks blog  (@Sportsbybrooks) tweeted this about the Arizona job:

Arizona hire likely to come after season. Take as sign of interest in active coaches, not that RR, Leach, Bellotti ruled out

Brooks reports that Rich Rodriguez, the jettisoned Michigan head coach is also a very appealing candidate:

Large Arizona donor is pushing hard for RichRod but Byrne wants to talk to active coaches, unturn all stones. Smart. UA in good hands.

And finally ...

Interesting Zona dynamic: Current UA recruiting ops guy David Emerick very close to Leach, will go wherever Leach is hired.

Anyway, I have no idea who's in the mix, though I'm sure it's a very large number of coaches at this point. Byrne's taking a large pool and going to churn through each candidate to narrow it down. Nothing wrong with that.

But that just means all of our guessing is just that right now.