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Open gamethread: The Arizona Wildcats open the season hoping Valpo doesn't Crusade all over them

The Valparaiso Crusaders have an intimidating name. While they've got a lot of new pieces and some pieces missing after not getting cleared by the NCAA, the Arizona Wildcats have no room to screw around.

Crusading usually involves violence.

The Wildcats, likewise, will be fiddling around with their lineups tonight, and Sean Miller's constant use of the word puzzle in media interviews makes it clear that he doesn't even know how to handle this team as of yet. To no fault of his own, Miller will be using this first game that counts toward his team's record to find out who's a gamer and who's not.

It's entirely possible that comes with a huge risk of losing. The biggest keys to the game? Arizona controlling the boards and beating the Crusaders in the paint. Of course, these mid-major teams always end up being scrappy as hell, so I'm not expecting an Arizona blow-out.

What say you?