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Video: ASU's coaching search goes awry, Michael Crow gets mad

Remember that time that Greg Byrne pulled in a head coach really quickly? Despite any criticisms boosters or other Arizona fans may have, you can't discount the big name hire, and you can't discount that Byrne handled the hiring with class, no publicity, cleanly and quickly.

The ASU Sun Devils aren't so lucky. Above, please enjoy a humorous commentary on how poorly it's gone by none other than Adolf Hitler.

While teams like Arizona and Washington State have pulled in big-name, quirky offensive geniuses, and UCLA has made a hire that pissed some people off, at least the three aforementioned teams have made a hire at all.

First it was June Jones, now it's Kyle Whittingham, thought it's only been confirmed that the Sun Devils are interested in Whittingham and not vice versa. Anyway, the Wildcats are looking like one of the few competent teams in the Pac-12 South at this moment. Colorado has much rebuilding to do, ASU and UCLA aren't looking so hot with their respective hiring processes, and Whittingham is reportedly looking outside the conference.

That leaves the Wildcats and the USC Trojans are the stable teams, even if Arizona has a learning curve under Rich Rodriguez.