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Video: Derrick Williams' commercial remixed for Arizona fans

A few weeks back, we gave you the original Derrick Williams Under Armour commercial.

Part of the "Are you from HERE?" campaign, I always thought that UA was doing a good job marketing toward a different audience, one that reflects who these guys are -- not the millionaires they've become.

Anyway, above is the University of Arizona remix to that commercial. Just a few tweaks here and there, and you've got some lasting memories from his Wildcat career in there.

Speaking of Williams, how about the NBA getting going? Word on the street is that the Timberwolves just signed J.J. Barea to the squad.

It'll be interesting to see if he will start over rookie trickster Ricky Rubio. The T'Wolves also have Luke Ridnour on the roster, so there shouldn't be a shortage of players who can feed D-Will the rock. Though, you've got to wonder how he'll fit into the lineup with that Mike Beasley character.