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Gamethread: Arizona and Gonzaga duke it out in the Battle in Seattle

Gonzaga is always a fun team to play. They're well-coached, not ever superior athletically but can give tournament teams fits that could better themselves as the season progresses. Let's be real, nobody likes losing to a bunch of scruffy-haired kids from the Northwest.

But it happens a lot. The Bulldogs are tough, and as tough the Arizona Wildcats have played themselves the past two games, a long lay-off from the last game might help complacency set in.

Either way, Sean Miller's team will get a run at a not-so-neutral setting in Seattle. Last time they did that against a beefy tournament team, the Wildcats got smacked by the BYU Cougars in Salt Lake City, Utah. OK, so the Zags have no Jimmer, but freshman point Kevin Pangos might just be the next Jimmer.

Don't expect him to go off for 50, but the kid has range and the willingness to pull the trigger should he find himself open.