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From college star, to cult following, to Pro Bowl: A quick recap of Rob Gronkowski's rise

There are three stages in the rise of fame to New England Patriots' tight end and former Arizona Wildcats player Rob Gronkowski.

First it was thinking back about how he could be a redshirt senior by some God-like intervention that stopped him from realizing his NFL dreams. Then it was realizing that he was pretty good and developed a cult following because of a porn star. And then all of a sudden, Gronk set the record for touchdown passes by any NFL tight end in the history of the game.

It's just his second season in the league, and it all came about so quickly.

Now, the former Wildcat is headed to the Pro Bowl.

With one game remaining on the Patriots schedule, Gronkowski has already recorded 15 touchdowns -- Antonio Gates held the previous record of 13 in a season -- and 1,219 yards on the season. That's a pretty good statline for any receivers -- slot, outside or otherwise.

But what's great about Gronkowski is he doesn't really seem to care a whole lot.

To celebrate his achievements this season, I give you the best Twitter moments I can find regarding Gronk (and without going too far back in time, because that would take too much of my precious time). By the way, if you want to get Gronk'd, follow @Gronkisms on Twitter.

Ian R. Rapoport @RapSheet20
I ask the tough questions: What did Gronk think of Brady's spike? "It was legit. He's been watching my spikes."

Erik Scalavino @PFWErik
Asked if he believes in Santa, Gronk answered, "Yes," then added later, in typical Gronk fashion, "I've been naughty this year." Hilarious!

robert mangino @robbomango
@Gronkisms The hubble just spotted a Gronk spiked football near the andromeda galaxy

robert mangino @robbomango
@Gronkisms When Gronk takes the football field he literally picks up the field and takes it with him.

Paul Haines @Jinaday
@gronkisms Gronk didn't make the pro bowl Gronk chose the pro bowl cause he need a faction in the volcanoes his version of a spa

Gronkisms @Gronkisms
The word "PHOBIA" is Latin for "Rob Gronkowski." #gronkisms

Paul Haines @Jinaday
@Gronkisms Gronk doesn't hunt that implies the possibly of failure

Gronkisms @Gronkisms
Scientists don't understand the universe because they don't have the courage to ask Rob Gronkowski. #Gronkisms

Gronkisms @Gronkisms
Rob Gronkowski is the reason Waldo is hiding. #Gronkisms