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Gamethread: Lumberjacks and Wildcats play on another rainy day

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Last season, the NAU Lumberjacks visited McKale Center and arrived late -- it was, like today, a rainy day in Arizona, and the flight from Flagstaff took a couple detours along the way.

Nonetheless, Cameron Jones and crew pushed Arizona to the brink and nearly stole one from their big brothers from the south.

Will we see the same thing again? Probably not.

The Lumberjacks lost Jones, a legit pro-player, to graduation. Still, coach Mike Adras knows how to coach, and Miller probably wouldn't keep scheduling NAU if he thought the Lumberjacks were scrubs. Coming off a strong road win at New Mexico State, the Wildcats can build upon that game this afternoon.

I'd like to see Josiah Turner continue to look more comfortable and more aggressive, as he did last game. He and Solomon Hill are the two playmakers on Arizona, and with Kevin Parrom still on the comeback, those two guys need to have the onus on them to get Miller some slick passing and scoring.