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Zona vs ASU, dominating grades for a dominating game

Hello to everyone again. Thanks to a lack of an on line stream I missed the first 10 mins or so of the game, but I saw enough to give some fair grades. As a team the cats put this game out of hand fairly early on, and never looked back. They had a stretch of play that was just simply amazing. However, towards the end they did manage to get a little sloppy and let the sun devils scratch back to within 13 points before finally putting the dagger in. You'll find all my grades for the players after the jump.

Jesse Perry: GRADE A Perry is playing out of position when your asking him to guard 7 footers, but he did a fantastic job today. Plus his stat line was very efficient and impressive. He scored 16 PTS off of 4-6 FG and 7-7 FT.

Nick Johnson: GRADE B+ Nick actually had a fairly quite 14 PTS today. What impressed me most was his hard work on the defensive end. Him and Josiah are really buying into the defensive side of the ball. Plus his dunks on breakaways are always good highlight material.

Solomon Hill: GRADE B- This was a hard game for me to judge Solomon. He ended with 11 PTS and 11 REBS which normally is a solid game. However, he only shot 4-10 FGS and 3-6 from the line. If you couple those stats with how many times he got blocked down low I had to give him a lower grade.

Jordin Mayes: GRADE C+ Jordin's shooting was fairly good, but as the game went on he wasn't a huge factor. He gave the team what we needed, but didn't really stand out.

Kyle Fogg: GRADE C- Kyle played great defense as usual, but his other statistics are just not good in a game like today. He only shot 2-6 for 6 PTS. He also had a team high 4 TO's. For being a leader on this team too many times have I seen him drive and turn over the ball.

Kevin Parrom: GRADE C+ Kevin only shot 3-7 for a total of 7 PTS. He made a few good buckets down low, but I truly think he's still in the recovery stage from his injuries. He still doesn't have that explosiveness to his game.

Josiah Turner: GRADE B+ Josiah had 2 TO's and only 2 assists. His offensive stats may not be to impressive, but what really stood out to me was his defense. I watched as our PG fought big men down low over and over again refusing to give up position. I loved his defensive effort and the 5 steals really shows his dedication today.

Everyone else receives an INC. Kind of disappointed that in a game like this today Angelo Chol wasn't able to come in and produce more, but he is still a work in progress and I have to keep reminding myself that. As long as our cats continue to bring that defensive effort though they will continue to be in every game this year.