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Sidiki Johnson officially has left the University of Arizona

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Sidiki Johnson has left the University of Arizona completely, the university announced Sunday.

"He has left the dorms, as well as the University of Arizona," the person with knowledge of the situation informed me. He asked to not be named due to the sensitivity of the situation and because no public statement has been made at this time. When asked if he knew why Johnson had been suspended in the first place, he said he was not given that information and doubted he would.

Johnson, however, was given a second chance to rejoin the team this past week, but as we now know, blew that opportunity.

As for his academic standing, all I can do is speculate, but considering he has left Arizona, I doubt he will finish eligible which could put Arizona in a slight ditch when the new APR ratings come out.

I officially confirmed with a person knowledgeable of the situation that Johnson packed his bags and left Saturday night, after the game versus NAU. Johnson was indefinitely suspended after the team played in the Coaches vs Cancer Classic in New York and has not played since.