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Morning links: More on Sidiki's departure, Foles' NFL Draft stock and Stoops' next job

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Bruce Pascoe at the Arizona Daily Star had some good stuff on how oddly short Sidiki Johnson's Arizona Wildcats career was despite how different it was from the last early-season transfer of Kansas' Jeff Withey a couple years back. That article was followed up with an update on how the move could affect UA's Academic Progress Rating.

If anything Johnson's departure gives the Wildcats options should they look to add to their already stout recruiting class in 2012.

That said, it's slightly concerning that Miller has pulled in players that -- from afar -- spelled trouble from the beginning. Johnson played at four high schools and was dismissed for trouble-making at Oak Hill Academy just a year ago. Josiah Turner also went through a few high schools, was dismissed by Sacramento High for similar reasons before coming to Arizona and missing a shootaround in one game (granted, it appears Turner has stepped up and turned things around of late.)