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Arizona 78 vs. Oregon State 69 Recap

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The top seeded Cats took care of Oregon State 78-69 in front of a boring crowd of 10,782 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Derrick Williams scored 22 points on 8-12 shooting and hit 5 of 6 three pointers.  WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.  Who saw that coming?  Not me.  That is incredible.

The Cats hit three 3-pointers in a row to start the second half and quickly held a 10 point lead with 17:41 left in the 2nd half.  Oregon State tried to keep it close but was unable to close the gap as the Cats poured on the pressure and continued to match basket for basket with the Beavers.  The Cats took a 17 point lead with 7:50 left in the half and that was all she wrote.  The Beavers weren't able to make a game out of it after that.


Lamont Jones struggled a little in the game scoring 13 points on only 4-13 scoring and had three turnovers.  Kevin Parrom had 13 points on 5-9 shooting and the rest of the cats contributed enough to win the game. 

Oregon State's Jared Cunningham scored 23 points on 9-14 shooting and dominated the Cats all day long. 

The Cats played a solid game from start to finish.  They shot  47.5% from the field, made 52.4% of their three pointers and hit 69.2% of their free throws.  The Cats need to rest up tonight as they face the fourth seeded USC tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. E.T. on FSN.   The last time these two met, the Cats were destroyed in the second half and fell 65-57 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles.