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Trojans' Kevin O'Neill Tells Yahoo! He's Sorry

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So the real story is coming out of the woodwork.

Following a television station and a blog report of USC basketball head coach Kevin O'Neill and his wife, Roberta, getting into a "visibly drunken" and physical altercation with Arizona fans, the Trojan coach apologized to Yahoo!'s Jason King Friday.

O'Neill told King neither himself nor his wife were in any physical altercation and that they only exchanged words with an unnamed fan of another school. He also said that while he had a few drinks, he was not drunk as the unnamed sources told the first websites to report the story.

King and others have said that the fan at the end of O'Neill's words was Paul Weitman, an Arizona booster who is good friends with former head coach Lute Olson.

"I just want to make it clear that this was someone I had a personal history with and not just some random Arizona fan off the street," O'Neill told King.

The former Wildcat interim head coach is coming off a USC victory against the California Golden Bears. The Trojans are slated to face the Arizona Wildcats in the Pacific 10 Conference semi-finals at 6 p.m. PT Friday.

Arizona defeated the Oregon State Beavers last night in a 78-69 victory to advance to the next round.

My thoughts?

While this story surely isn't a good thing for the USC media, it is probably just an overblown argument between O'Neill, who we all know is a firey and outspoken guy, and a defender of Olson. Of course, Olson burned multiple bridges during his ugly final years at Arizona.

His wild rotations of his coaching staff wasn't by accident, and it's known around Tucson he has broken relationships with longtime assistant Jim Rosborough, among others. My guess is that this argument stems from the O'Neill/Olson break-up.

More recently, O'Neill caused a little uprising in Tucson.

When a reporter asked about forward Jamelle Horne's stare-down of the USC bench following a made shot following the last USC game at McKale, O'Neill sarcastically asked how UA forward Jamelle Horne's future NBA career was shaping up.

Typical KO. Clearly, there's some bad feelings coming from both ends of the Arizona/O'Neill split.

Granted, when you're a public figure like O'Neill, you've got to watch yourself in public. The Trojan athletic department has not said anything as of this afternoon, but we expect them to release some type of statement later on.

What do you think?