Coach Miller has to do a better job of managing this critical part of the game. First of all, the BIGS were in foul trouble and it must have been a plague or incurable disease in the paint because we shot 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Next, were there any emphasis placed on defending the 3 pointer? Up by 3 points with less than 20 seconds left in the game, we should have defended the 3 with our lives, give up the 2 we're still up with free throws to come, a second or 2 off the clock, and 94 feet and a racing clock on their backs. Finally, during this critical time of game we were being punished on the boards. I don't know if Coach Miller has something personal against Jesse Perry or if he's loyal to Jamelle Horne, because we're being slaughtered on the boards with the ineffective Horne on the floor. Derrick Williams can definitely use some help rebounding, Perry provides that relief. Jesse also put the needed pressure on the UW post players with the 4 fouls, Horne on the other hand avoid the paint and settles for the 3 too much. I also wonder if Coach Miller knew that I. Thomas was playing with 4 fouls. If these critical times of the game are not managed more effectively our trip to the BIG DANCE will be cut short.

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