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Kevin Parrom will play against Duke

TUCSON, Ariz. -- If there was one negative that came from Arizona's squeaker past Texas last Sunday it was the health of Kevin Parrom, who left the game with a sprained ankle. 

Head coach Sean Miller and his training staff thought initially that Parrom may have suffered a high ankle sprain, which most likely would have forced him out of the lineup against Duke. But Parrom's injury is less severe than expected and the sophomore wing has been hard at work and is expected to play against Duke on Thursday. 

"Kevin has made a lot of progress, and that's one positive thing," Miller said. "He's worked tirelessly, around the clock, and Justin is a great trainer, and I believe that, just based on watching where he was and where he is that he will be able to play and be effective.

"He started right away with what he needed to do to play on Thursday, but the good news is that we still have a couple more days. We're not on a long flight, and we're going to practice him Tuesday. We do expect him to play. I'm hoping that he will be effective."

As Miller said, it remains to be seen what role Parrom will play against Duke. He hasn't been lights out through two games, averaging 6.5 points per game in 33 total minutes, but his defensive presence could pay huge dividends for Arizona as he has the size and versatility to guard Nolan Smith on one possession and Kyle Singler on the next. 

According to Momo Jones, Parrom will be good to go. 

"Kevin will be fine," he said confidently.