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Zona Zoo: Duke and the Cameron Crazies are next

Thursday's Sweet 16 match up with the Duke Blue Devils has set itself up as a near-home game for the Arizona Wildcats.  The Cats make the Los Angeles trip every season, and six players on the roster are from California, including Derrick Williams.

On top of that, Southern California boasts a large Arizona Alumni base, and is a short trip from several other strong alumni base cities, including Tucson. It looks like two Duke Alums want to make sure that the Honda Center in Anaheim is not so friendly to the Wildcats.

Duke's independent daily newspaper, the Chronicle, published an article Tuesday from two Duke Alums, Dennis and Elizabeth Chen, in which the Chen's basically plead for some "crazie" to pick up the Duke energy at NCAA Tournament games. The Chen's have offered airfare and admission to the game for one student, based on video auditions posted to YouTube, and copied to the comments section of the article on the Chronicle.  

It seems someone is a little worried about being out-manned in the stands Thursday night, no?

What say you Zona Zoo? Will the Chen's get their wish, and see a Crazier atmosphere Thursday?

Get to the Honda Center Thursday night, Cats fans. Let's show the Dookies and their alums that no amount of crazy is going to drown out the Zona Zoo. 

Bear Down.

[Via: Deadspin]