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A View From the Zoo: With Williams' Decision, Dominos will Begin to Fall

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Derrick Williams is NBA bound and with that, Arizona's basketball off-season is kicked into high gear.  You all knew the scenario; four recruits for one spot.  With Williams leaving, it is now four recruits for two spots, and means that Miller and his staff will only have to convince two current scholarship players to transfer or not be on the team come next season. 

If Williams had stayed, it would have posed a very difficult situation for the Arizona team because there are not three clear-cut players that could be asked to leave.  For those not following the situation closely, Bejaranoand Jacobson are currently the players that are considered the most likely to leave, making room for a top ten recruiting class. 

Now that a decision has been made, the players will be able to practice knowing that a 19 points per game scorer will not be returning and the returning players will be asked to make up for the loss.  This also means Coach Miller and his staff will be able to see what players have the potential and leadership ability to take over the team, as well as see what players are not able to take the 'bull by the horn' and who whither in the spot light. 

Coach Miller has shown that he is able to recruit with the best programs in the country and now the country will see how he coaches without an All-American on the roster.

I'm not going to say last year was easy, but having Williams on the roster made game planning much less strenuous.  Considering that few players could guard him straight up, if a play broke down, the easiest solution was give it to Williams and let him go to work.

However, this year Miller will not have that luxury.  He will on the other hand, have a team that should be better as a whole, especially in the front court. 

Miller has proved he can win with a superstar, now Miller has the opportunity to show to the Tucson community that he can win with a complete team. 

The clock starts, now!