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D'Aundre Reed knows how to sell himself to the NFL

Sometimes the biggest key to getting people to notice you is to do something crazy.

I think rapper Asher Roth said something about that. I don't really like Asher Roth so I digress. Anywho, being the third-best defensive end on the Arizona Wildcats' roster last season, NFL Draft hopeful D'Aundre Reed is hoping to get attention elsewhere.

Think Chris Bosh's NBA All-Star promotion in the form of a cowboy car salesman. D'Aundre is wowing NFL scouts by (gulp) doing really gangster backflips.

Here it is. Check out Reed's backflip, which looks quite smooth from what I can tell. Also note the hard stare-down following his cheerleader-esque move.

So is promoting oneself in that way cheap? I'd say not so. Being overshadowed by fellow bookends Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore at Arizona, D'Aundre Reed surely could use all the help he can get. Physically, he's possibly the most athletic of the three ends.

How's it going so far?

Apparently, D'Aundre Reed and Elmore worked out privately for the New England Patriots, who are looking for a late-round steal to fill out a weak DE and linebacking crew. 

Though, I doubt it was because of his backflips.