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Womens Softball: Pitchers Duel Ruined by Late Inning Heroics, ASU 4 UA 0

For six innings, Arizona and Arizona State's pitchers baffled their oppositions hitters.  But then in the top of the 7th, the tide shifted and it all went ASU's way. 

With the bases loaded, freshman pitcher Shelby Babcock hung a pitch that Katelyn Boyd blasted over the fence just to the left of the batters eye in dead center. 

4-0 ASU, and that was all she wrote.

With freshman sensation Dallas Escobedo dealing, Arizona only had one chance to score, but that chance was squashed in the 6th with the bases loaded. 


Escobedo finished the game allowing one hit, while striking out 11.  In her first game in this rivalry, she did not disappoint.

But Babcock, filling in for the concussed ace Kenzie Fowler, was fantastic, until the one fatal pitch. 

Fowler is again unlikely to pitch in tonight's game because she has not been and "still had concussion symptoms Thursday" and must "be concussion-free for 24 hours before she can test to return to the field" per the Arizona Daily Star.

These two teams go at again at seven o'clock tonight at Hillenbrand Stadium, which should pit Escobedo and Babcock against each other again.  It should be another down to the wire game, that will keep fans in their seats till the final pitch.