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Daniel Bejarano to Transfer from Arizona

In what should not be considered shocking news, but more along the lines of 'finally confirmed news', Arizona guard Daniel Bejarano has decided to transfer from the University of Arizona. 

Bejarano came in as an ESPN Top 100 player and the highest rated player in Sean Miller's second recruiting class.  However, those lofty ratings did not materialize into playing time as Bejarano averaged only 3.8 minutes per game. 

Bejarano issued a statement thanking his coaches and teammates, along with saying this decision was made in part to get more playing time.

According to

"I would like to thank my coaches, my teammates and all of the U of A fans for all they did to make my year at Arizona a special one," said Bejarano. "After a number of conversations with Coach Miller and my family I have decided to pursue my goals at another institution. This is a decision I made with careful thought and with much help. My desire to have a more prominent role on the court significantly impacted my decision."

The University of Arizona basketball program is starting to be known as the epitome of how to handle media relations and rumors.  The first is the Derrick Williams situation and how only a select few people knew what he was going to do.

As well as this. 

Bejarano said nothing publicly that degraded the program or his teammates and did it in only the most up most manner.  These two situations should be sent to all current and future players on how to handle ones stardom and one's lack thereof.

Sean Miller said it best.

"Daniel is a great kid and teammate," said UA head coach Sean Miller. "He had a positive impact on this year's team because of his consistent work ethic and winning attitude. All of us here at Arizona wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Every fan loves a player that try their hardest every day and considers himself part of the team and not the team. 

From the AzDesertSwarm staff, we say thank you Daniel for the hardwork and dedication you gave to the Arizona program.  Even as you continue your career with another team, you will be considered part of this family.

Best of luck Mr. Bejarano.