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Late Game Scenario's: Which One do you Favor?

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With the season finally over, every game has been scrutinized and written about and the players have done their jobs.

Now its your turn.

For some time I've been wondering which late game scenario a person would rather have with 10 seconds or so on the clock.

Scenario 1:

Would you rather have the ball down one, with 10 seconds left and the chance to go home winners? But if you do not make the shot, you are more than likely to walk out with your heads hanging.

Scenario 2:

Would you rather be up one, with 10 seconds and the opposing team has the ball and the chance to send you home losers? However, if the team plays solid defense, you have a good shot at winning the game.

In other words, do trust a team to make a shot to win a game, or defend a shot to win the game?