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Will Ferrell's "Everything Must Go" has tinges of Arizona Wildcat pride

It's a wonder if there's an Arizona graduate on the production staff of Will Ferrell's new movie, "Everything Must Go." As seen in the trailer, Ferrell dons an Arizona baseball cap and his young side-kick in the film also wears an Arizona baseball jersey while playing catch with Ferrell.

So the question must be asked: Did Greg Byrne pay someone off as a marketing ploy?

Just kidding. But really, it's interesting to note that the movie is supposed to take place in Scottsdale, according to this review. Maybe that's because a good ol' letter 'A' with a letter 'S' over in, or better yet, a pitchfork that looks kind of like a Maserati emblem to locate the scene in Arizona State territory, would get confusing.

Hell, do people east of New Mexico even know the different between the two schools? Probably not. They probably think the University of Arizona is in Phoenix/Tempe. "What's Tuscon?" they might say. I digress.

And though it's probably a fact that neither Greg Byrne nor anyone in the Arizona Athletics marketing department did anything to promote the school in "Everything Must Go," it's a wonder if they're pleased, or not, about Ferrell wearing their Block A.

After all, Ferrell depicts a not-so-likable alcoholic who sits in his front yard for a few days after he loses his job, wife and house. Hopefully, that's not all a degree gets us these days.

So in light of Saturday's graduation by the class of 2011, let's hope none of you end up like Ferrell's character. Or maybe I'll wait to watch the film, see the ending and then get back to you on whether that's a good idea or not.