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More on Larry Scott's crazy big Pac-12 TV deal with Fox and ESPN

Larry Scott, along with ESPN and Fox representatives, spoke in Phoenix this morning to discuss the new Pac-12 media deals that is estimated to be worth $2.7 billion, according to the associated press.

Pretty much, it all sounds pretty sweet for Pac-12 fans and Arizona. ABC, Fox (the regular network, not FSN) and FX will apparently be broadcasting football games. Scott said Wednesday that every Pac-10 football and men's basketball game would be viewable by everyone in Pac-12 country, and not on a regional basis.

Furthermore, the aired games on ABC, Fox and FX would also be viewable nationwide.

"We're really excited to be a part of this and have a significant role," said Burke Magnus ESPN senior VP of college sports. "It's important for us because we can enhance what we were doing already."

"The conference has showed over the last few years just how good they are and how competitive they are at college football," Magnus added. "Because we had no previous direct relationship with the men's college basketball teams in this league ... we're thrilled to make a significant commitment there."

In addition, the 12-year deal will help with women's basketball -- ESPN covers the entire women's NCAA tournament, which would benefit Pac-12 powerhouses in Stanford and UCLA -- along with other Olympic sports. If you didn't know, that brings light to softball, where the Pac-10 has previously dominated, soccer, swim and dive, and volleyball, among other sports.


On Wednesday, Scott announced the makings of the Pac-12 Media Enterprises, which would air all football and men's basketball games not on the major networks. The company would have a television station but would also focus on digital platforms for overlapping contests.


Scott said he'd like to use the network to "connect the dots" between athletics and academics.


What's it all mean for Arizona?


$13 million extra, according to Bruce Pascoe of the Daily Star. That brings the income to about $19 million.


And what's that mean for fans?


Hopefully, no more days where high school basketball game overlap on Pac-12 men's basketball games. I mean, count it up. ABC, ESPN, Fox, FX, FSN and the Pac-12's own network gives you six options to get all the bases covered, and that's not to mention the ESPN2s, ESPN-Us and the digital network.


The days of frustration are likely coming to an end.