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Sean Miller to Maryland not a done deal but could be soon

Let's admit it -- nobody really knows what's going on with the Sean Miller to Maryland rumors. But if you gather every report out there, there's one thing in common.

Miller is seriously thinking about leaving Arizona. If you're a Wildcat fan, don't set yourselves on fire just yet.

The most interesting part of this, I think, is Bruce Pascoe's report in today's Arizona Daily Star that Eric Cooper Sr., a former Arizona player and high school coach of recruits Grant Jerrett and Eric Cooper Jr.,said Miller sent him a text to say "all is good."

The Baltimore Sun said yesterday that Miller wasn't even the frontrunner. Apparently, the Terps are waiting on somebody else.

Pascoe also says that Miller left his office after meeting with recruit Chris Thomas and will be back to host Shabazz Muhammad tonight. What's that mean? It at least points out that Miller isn't skipping town without thinking things through. The Maryland gig is highly sought after, and based on his recruiting ties and competitive spirit, it's a pretty big toss-up with the Arizona job.

On Saturday morning, and ESPN radio station reported that Miller will be announced as the Terrapins' new coach Monday.

But Jeff Goodman, who by the way schooled at Arizona, doesn't believe it's that far along.

Sean Miller hasn't even met with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson yet. Report by ESPN980 saying this is done are inaccurate.

However, my sources said Miller is "leaning towards taking Maryland." However, nothing will be done until after meeting today in Vegas.

If Sean Miller does leave for Maryland, expect Arizona AD Greg Byrne to go after big names. Josh Pastner will be in mix; not at top of it.

In addition, Adam Zagoria, a New York reporter, heard that Arizona assistant Book Richardson would be interested in the position if Miller leaves, according to his Twitter.

Why is this happening? Many people are saying that it's Arizona AD Greg Byrne's fault that Miller is looking at the job. There's even a Facebook group that popped up about it. Whether Miller's doing this for a leg up on his upcoming contract extension remains to be seen, but it's pretty unfair to blame Byrne. Also, don't believe the rumors about a rift between Miller and Byrne.

If it makes anyone feel better, Greg Byrne's wife, Regina, and Miller's wife, Amy, looked like they were on great terms during Arizona's Elite Eight run, chatting it up before games and sitting next to each other with their kids. From what most people have seen, their families are somewhat close, so it would be surprising if there was really personal problems between them.

But realistically, the Maryland job is simply one of the most attractive basketball schools in the country. Yes, Tucson is a pure basketball town, but for a young coach with a family, working in a more familiar area back east has a pull on you. Now, it's a test of loyalty.

As far as player reaction goes, forward Solomon Hill Tweeted Saturday that he will withhold comment on the Miller situation:

I have taken an oath to not speak on the situation at hand & will ask my teammates to do the same.

Meanwhile, former Wildcat Nic Wise thinks the rumors are untrue.

Mann Coach Miller aint leavin UofA believe that!