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Three reasons Sean Miller should stay at Arizona

The Sean Miller saga is quickly gaining steam.

The Arizona Wildcats head coach will meet with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson tonight and is expected to make a decision on whether or not to become the Terrapins new head coach some time in the next 24 hours, according to ESPN

No one really knows whether MIller will trade in the Cardinal and Navy for an ACC gig, so the question becomes: Should he leave Arizona for Maryland?

Kevin Zimmerman outlined three reasons why it makes sense for Miller to leave for Maryland. Here are three reasons why Miller should stay a Wildcat: 

2011 recruiting class

How could Miller walk away from the nation's No. 4 recruiting class? Between Josiah Turner, Nick Johnson, Sidiki Johnson and Angelo Chol, Miller has a quartet of immediate impact players poised to reshape the future of Arizona basketball. 

With Turner and Nick Johnson Arizona has once again restored its PointGuardU moniker while Chol and Sidiki Johnson both feature tremendous upside along with the ability to somewhat fill the void down low left by Derrick Williams. 

But it's not only about the 2011 recruiting class. Miller's nearly taken over the west coast recruiting scene in only two years on the job. He's already lured in five-star 2012 power forward Grant Jerrett and is in the process of bringing in Shabazz Muhammad -- the No. 1 shooting guard in the country according to Rivals. 

Needless to say, Miller's dominated west coast recruiting. Sure he has ties on the east coast and could do more than a sufficient job attracting young ballers to Maryland, but if he's proven he can put together a top five recruiting class every year at Arizona, he would be crazy to leave. 

Arizona's return to relevance

After only two seasons with the Wildcats, Miller became Tucson's savior. He revived Arizona basketball and restored all faith in Wildcat country. Arizona is once again a proverbial Pac-10 title contender year with potential for another deep tournament run as it showed this past season. 

Miller will always live in the shadow of Lute Olson, but he's quickly become one of Tucson's most likable faces. In only his second season Miller did something Olson only did three times in 24 years -- win 30-plus games. 

Arizona is back on the map as a basketball power and Miller is the figurehead. He's ranted and raved about the tradition of Wildcats basketball and he has the ability to continue Arizona's rise and some day be mentioned with the Olsons of the world. 

Maryland won't be an ACC powerhouse

While Arizona can play the role of Pac-10 powerhouse for years to come, Maryland will always play second-fiddle to Duke and UNC. There are certainly enough top recruits to go around, but Miller may struggle luring the best of the best from schools with the prowess of Duke and UNC. 

So if Miller is looking to make the move to get his team more exposure and air time, it's not going to happen. While it's true Arizona and the Pac-10 in general don't get the publicity they deserve, the only exposure Maryland will get is for losing to the Blue Devils and Tar Heels.