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Derrick Williams will be looking sharp for the 2011 NBA Draft

Esquire caught up with former Arizona Wildcat Derrick Williams to discuss the only thing left to be discussed -- his draft-day look.

What will he be rockin'? Williams wouldn't exactly say, but did point out that he was going to keep it stylish, not off the wall, yet fresh. Via Esquire:

Didn't want too baggy or too flashy, but didn't want a slim European suit, either. I stuck to my style — classy — and picked my favorite colors: black, red, and grey.

And in his first day as a true professional, first impressions mean everything. Not to say that it's easy for a 20-year-old to transition into a multi-million dollar lifestyle.

It used to be more sweats and t-shirts, but now I'm pulling out the nice jeans, casual dress shirts, and polos. I'm starting to move toward a more dress-casual look.

The draft is the world's first look at your style as a professional. It's the first glimpse into your transition from amateur to pro. This week lays the foundation.


Williams also discussed his developing fashion sense from a college student to a pro athlete.

We should dress like it's a business. You don't want to show up looking sloppy or tacky because people look up to you. Everybody in this business is 25- to 30-years-old and you don't want to stand out for being underdressed.