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A View From the Zoo: Sean Miller has planted his flag on the West Coast

With the recent commitment of Gabe York, it's safe to say Sean Miller and Co. has solidified themselves as one of the top, if not the top West Coast team in terms of recruiting (we can talk actual teams another time).

If this was back in the 1400s, Arizona's flag would be planted, literally, throughout the West Coast showing whose territory it belongs to.  Luckily, for the sake of all of us, this is frowned upon nowadays.   

When Miller was named head coach in Spring of 2009, he had no one, not a single recruit to hang his hat on.  Then the magic began (as well as some luck thanks to Tim Floyd).  California prospects Solomon Hill and some guy you probably never heard of, Derrick Williams, came on board and the rest is history.  

Then in the 2010 recruiting class, two more west coasters, Jordin Mayes and Daniel Bejarano committed to the University of Arizona.  Both Mayes and Bejarano were state championship winners at their respective high schools, which showed opposing teams Miller was focused on winning.

When looking at this class, it was not so much finding the best players possible, but filling holes. Mayes filled a sizable gap, the back-up point guard role, that other higher ranked players may not have wanted to.  

The 2011 recruiting year was when Miller pulled a Truman and let it all out.  Josiah Turner (originally from California before transferring to a school in North Carolina), Nick Johnson and Angelo Chol.  Or as some could say, Sean Miller's atomic bomb.  All three are from the West Coast, Top 10 in their respective positions (Turner and Nick are top 5 and both five-star players), and could very be the core that leads Arizona to its first title in over a decade.  

Now 2012 has begun and the flag planting may be at an all time high.  Last November, Grant Jerrett committed to Sean Miller and Arizona, which was much earlier than most fans were expecting. But it showed Miller's recruiting prowess was working. Jerrett is a Top 5 power forward as well as a five-star prospect.  Today, out of the blue, Gabe York, a slender, yet explosive player pledged his college career to the University of Arizona.  York is another player who is Top-10 at his position as well as Top 35 overall.  (You can read all about his commitment here.)

Now with a long time till players sign in the fall, all eyes will be on Brandon Ashley who many feel will select Arizona when the time is right.  This is because Ashley is familiar with the aforementioned Turner and Johnson as well as Miller has all but made him a top priority.  

Sean Miller has put Arizona in a fantastic position to be successful from here on out.  But remember to never take it for granted and always support your Wildcats, because it can all be taken away.

But today is a GREAT day to be a Wildcat.