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A View From the Zoo: Derrick Williams possibly regretting jump to NBA in wake of lockout

In an interview with 'The Basketball Jones,' Derrick Williams is quoted in saying that he would have stayed in college if he had known the NBA might be locked out for the entire season.

"If they told me I was going to miss all 82 games next season I would have stayed in college and enjoyed myself and enjoyed all of my teammates and everybody else who is involved with Arizona. I definitely would have went back."

This is one of the first newly drafted players who have come out and said they could regret their jump to the NBA. It will be interesting to see if more players start to comment on how their decision to enter the draft has not turned out the way they expected.

Also, it should be noted that if Williams had stayed at Arizona, the Wildcats could easily be looking at the #1 preseason ranking going into the 2011-2012 year.

Sadly, time machines have not been invented yet, which means Arizona is still without their leading scorer, and Williams is without a team. Time will only tell if Williams' decision was for the best.