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Arizona fans in Texas can soon get Wildcat license plates


We all know that Texas is like its own country. It's diverse, large as heck and that means there's a good number of Arizona Wildcat fans located in the Longhorn state. Good news: to go along with your Arizona window flags, bumper stickers and Block A window emblems, you can now invest in a Wildcat license plate, certified by the state's Department of Motor Vehicle division.

Pretty cool, don't cha think? While it's listed on the official website as coming soon, there's a number of other college plates that the state of Texas offers, including Kansas, Kentucky, Boise State, Illinois, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Mississippi and Georgia Tech. Of course, they already make plates for almost every in-state university you can think of. 

In addition, you can get licenses promoting Texas Roadhouse, Dr. Pepper, and obviously, the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Is this a product of Mr. Greg Byrne's outreach? Who knows, but it's good news for the Wildcats as far as the marketing arm goes; after all, Texas' recruiting grounds have been very good to the basketball program and more recently, it's provided fertile stomping grounds for head coach Mike Stoops and the football team.