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Video: Derrick Williams dunking on Filipino All-Stars in Manila

So when he's not attending summer school classes at Arizona, former Wildcat basketball star Derrick Williams headed to Manila, Philippines with a highly well-known roster of American players to face the Philippine Basketball Association in a friendly exhibition match-up. 

Though it was a little All-Star-like in that there wasn't much defense nor much organizational basketball being played, Williams, rocking his old #23 jersey, did look pretty good playing alongside some NBA stars. Joining D-Will was former Arizona State Sun Devil James Harden (who throws Williams a fancy alley-oop a few minutes into the game) last season's NBA MVP Derrick Rose, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Kevin Durant, Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans and Los Angeles Lakers point Derek Fisher. Some dude named Kobe Bryant was also present.

Oddly enough, the score is a little too close, but watching the video is entertaining, at least -- the announcing crew is a little homerly, saying the the PBA squad is playing well and trying hard. Um, guys, I don't think the American players are trying all too hard. Just sayin.' Toward the end of this clip, you can tell Durant is done playing Mr. Not-going-to-blow-out-an-inferior-opponent.