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We reminisce: Gus Johnson makes a painful Wildcat loss a little better, maybe

Easily the most painful loss of last season, you could be a little pissed off that I'm bringing up the Arizona Wildcats' 77-75, Pacific 10 Conference Finals loss to the Washington Huskies up once again.

If you like basketball at all, you'll realize Washington's Isaiah Thomas is cold blooded. I was checking out some Thomas highlight clips the other day and came across the CBS video clips from the game. At the game covering the contest for the Arizona Daily Wildcat (thanks, Wildcat), I had the advantage of seeing how much respect both teams had for one another and how tough of a dude Thomas is -- he averaged over 40 minutes per game through three games in three days.

Of course, being there means I missed out on an awesome Gus Johnson play-by-play. I mean, this dude has his own soundboard at It was pretty detailed for Johnson to notice that Thomas calls off the screen from his teammate (after he called off UW coach Lorenzo Romar's plea for a timeout). 

He's gonna do it himself. Thomas. Shake. Crossover. Stepback. (Screams). AT THE BUZZER. *INAUDIBLE JOHNSON SCREAMS* AND WASHINGTON, WINS IT. ON A LAST SECOND J. COLD BLOODED. WHOO!

Might I add he ends the telecast with this gem:

Isaiah Thomas. Heh, haaaa.

Gus Johnson is awesome. Though as loud as he was I'm sure you all were equally as silent and shocked.