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Cat tracks: The time Solomon Hill thought Ellen DeGeneres was 'swag'

                                                  During last season's Elite Eight run, talk-show phenom and post-Oprah star Ellen DeGeneres brought on Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat, and she predicted that Arizona would take their talents to the NCAA Championship game. If you watch TV or follow the athletic department closely, you might have seen that.

But social media is a silly thing. Hidden gems of topics that you might like will get lost to niche markets in things you have no clue about. For example, the Wildcats and Ellen. I never watch the show, but apparently it's pretty great. I'm guessing, however, that sports fans generally don't watch Ellen, let alone follow her on Twitter.

I honestly don't even know if Arizona fans are aware of this video, but after Ellen made her bold prediction, her crew was in the locker room in Anaheim (after the Duke win, I think?) to film Derrick Williams thanking her for the support. It turned into one of those hidden gems. It was posted as a TwitVid on Ellen's account.

Solomon Hill asks Williams who he's talking to. Williams tells him ... I can't even explain what happens. Just watch. 

I'm pretty sure my friends and I watched the video at least five times a day after we found it. That, and Kyryl Natyazhko's "Realio."