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Links: Derrick Williams' pre-draft MTV shoot, Foles' diet change and Arizona leads for Tyree Robinson

  • Unlike players taken picks after former Arizona forward Derrick Williams, the No. 2 overall pick had money coming his way even before the lockout. With an Under Armour deal in his pocket, he's not living like a scrub -- those poor second round picks are in limbo, and they don't have the shoe signings and other marketing forces that could help them get by, let alone buy a BMW.
  • Williams also shouts out University Boulevard clothing company Finally Made, an homage to his two years of growth in Tucson.

  • Anthony Gimino of the Tucson Citizen writes of Nick Foles dietary changes, ones that make him avoid the delicious and versatile food products of eggs, milk and whey protein.
  • Greg Byrne tweeted a neat picture of the new video board with markings comparing it to the size of the old video board.
  • SB Nation Arizona's Avinash Kunnath has a nice post on Tyree Robinson, a mechanically consistent shooter from San Diego and a top shooting guard prospect in the 2013 class. Robinson says Sean Miller's Wildcats lead his recruitment right now and that he expects he could fit into the team's style of play nicely.