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Links: Wilbur Wildcat and Sean Miller are the bosses

Wilbur has made it to the Sweet 16 of the Capital One All-America Mascot team.

Alex Williams of the Daily Wildcat talks with an expert in sports medicine following the injury of Jonathan McKnight, the fifth Wildcat to go down with an ACL tear in the offseason. As it turns out, sounds like flat-out bad luck.

Max Strauss of Pro Interviews talks with former Arizona safety Nate Ness, who is now with the Miami Dolphins as teammates with former Wildcat runningback Nic Grigsby. Ness talks about jumping around with teams like the Browns, Jets and Seahawks and his relationships with some players and coaches he's met along the way.


A little preview of Arizona over at The X Log.


Our own Mike Schmitz writes for the DW that Brandon Ashley has been courted by Sean Miller since his freshman season. It also helped a bit that Miller pulled in good buddies Nick Johnson and Josiah Turner, who have played with Ashley on the AAU Oakland Soldiers.