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Deadspin really, really hates Arizona State (and Sun Devils struggle with English language)

I try to avoid constant jabs at Arizona State here, but in the end, this is a fan blog. And if the national online media is taking shots at the Arizona Wildcats' rivals, well, we might as well roll with it.

The sports gossip blog has a history of ragging on the Sun Devils. Apparently, they too agree that ASU has a reputation of being 1) not very smart and 2) kind of trashy. I'm not saying that's true but ... you know, there's a reason I grew up in the Phoenix area and decided to head south. Some of those reasons had nothing to do with getting away from my hometown, but I'll leave it at that.

Most recently, Deadspin pointed out how corny ASU quarterback Brock Osweiler's tattoo is. I guess he has two "motivational" bicep tatts.

One reads "Leave Your Legacy"; the other, "Live Life To It's Fullest."

Life life to it is fullest, indeed. I copied and pasted that before realizing that it's the wrong "its." But yeah, Brock's tattoo does say that, unless that picture has been tampered with. Sun Devils aren't keen on using correct grammar, I suppose.

It goes with the theme of this summer, when Deadspin's article breaking down one of the Pac-12's cool new branding videos was angled toward helping out illiterate Sun Devils fans. Anyway, all funny stuff, but all funny stuff we can understand here.

Deadspin also pointed out that going to redirects to a nudist website, On a side note, I'm pretty sure that used to redirect to Either way, clever if the address is owned by an Arizona fan, which I would say is a high probability considering these two examples.