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More evidence that Mike Stoops would hate Pac-16, playing his brother

We've said that a Pac-16 expansion probably wouldn't go over well between brothers Bob and Mike Stoops. On Tuesday, that guess was backed up by The Oklahoman, who talked to the Stoops' mother, Dee Stoops, about Bob Stoops' Oklahoma Sooners playing former Arizona defensive coordinator Mark Stoops' Florida Seminoles.

Last September, the Sooners ripped FSU in a 47-17 game. Afterward, Bob wasn't all that thrilled about the victory.

"I thought I said it the best way after the game," Stoops said. "I felt the entire week it would a miserable experience. After the game, I was sure of it. I've never been so conflicted and miserable about winning."

In fact, Bob said that not only does he not want to play against his brothers, he doesn't even want to watch their games, Berry Tramel writes. When the Wildcats got romped in Stillwater, Okla., last week, Bob Stoops didn't think twice about making the trip to see his brother play.

Per Tramel:

Someone asked Stoops last week if he was headed to Stillwater to watch brother Mike's Arizona team play at Oklahoma State. Go to Stillwater? Stoops says he didn't even watch the game; it's too emotionally taxing.

We all clamor for such drama. Talk about an OU-Arizona bowl game. Or an OU-Arizona rivalry in the Pac-16. Get excited at the idea of Bob shouting on one sideline, Mike screaming on the other.

Suck it up, guys, we tell them. You're paid a lot of money to play whoever lines up across the field.

On Saturday, Mike Stoops will face No. 6 Stanford. Meanwhile, No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 5 Florida State will again pit Mike's brothers against one another. Dee Stoops tells Tramel that this Saturday will be extra tough for the Stoops' for sure. At best, only two of them will go home with a win. Says momma Stoops to Tramel:

"My husband used to say, ‘Just think, some kids, some parents, are going home happy.'"

But those words can't console Bobby and Mark on Saturday night. No way they can go home happy.

Even if he pulls a stunning upset of the Cardinal and Andrew Luck, at least a part of Mike Stoops will go home upset as well.