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Gamethread: Over/under on Stanford beating Arizona by 20

OK, maybe that headline was a little pessimistic. Or is it realistic? In the next two weeks, the Arizona Wildcats will find out whether they are under-performing or just not that good. Home games against the Stanford Cardinal and Oregon Ducks will give us glimpse of whether Mike Stoops has the horses to become an elite squad or if this team has peaked, so to speak.

While we expect the Wildcats to get plastered -- getting pasted by No. 9 and moving on to play No. 6 is no easy task -- weirder things have happened at Arizona Stadium under Stoops.

But how realistic is it that Arizona is in the game at all? We know both quarterbacks will be racking up the yards -- they've done it against each other before.

How will the Arizona run game look with talks of more emphasis on calling runs and using Ka'Deem Carey? Much of today, quietly, starts and ends with the defensive and offensive lines.

I don't have answers for much of this. I do know that Arizona fans will be pretty happy simply to have a game where the Wildcats aren't embarrassed. I suppose a win would make everyone happy too, but you know, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Anyway, over/under on the Cardinal winning by 20?