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We reminisce: Pray the ZonaZoo does not pull this against Oregon

I know this Saturday's game against No. 10 Oregon isn't for the Rose Bowl. I know the Wildcats and Ducks aren't fighting for Pac-10-12 supremacy. Unlike that epic failure of a Nov. 21, 2009, game that pitted the Oregon Ducks against the Arizona Wildcats in Arizona Stadium, Saturday's nationally televised game can't be that bad.

Around here, I feel like I'm trying to lighten up the mood lately. Not that I've been getting the vibe that fans are totally jumping off the bandwagon, but simply because everyone is under the impression that the same problems (i.e. almost everything) will persist.

So just realize that no matter how embarrassing Arizona is come Saturday on ESPN, it won't be as bad as 2009's GameDay, which turned into a thriller before an embarrassment. Remember the ZonaZoo prematurely rushed the field and a fan on the other side of the stadium sending an Oregon cheerleader to the hospital?

It can't be that bad.

You know, because a 31-24 lead in the fourth quarter,  even with less than a minute left, is nothing all too hard for a scary Oregon offense to overcome. Please, let's not let that happen again. And if per chance it does, at least let's not pull another "the band Zoo is on the field" moment.