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Gamethread: Oregon Ducks waddle into Arizona Wildcats for UA's family weekend

Welcome to Round 3 of "Will Arizona get its a** handed to it?" This week, it's the Oregon Ducks coming into Arizona Stadium to take on the Arizona Wildcats. Thankfully, the 7:15 p.m. kick-off will be played on ESPN2, which will hopefully be less of a national sting to the program than the game being on ESPN, where the Wildcats have gotten bludgeoned two weeks in a row by top-10 opponents.

It's not that bad, though. For it being Family Weekend and all, the Wildcats could pull off the upset. All isn't lost on the season and I think there's optimism if Arizona can at least hang with the Ducks for a full game. Weirder things have happened, and Mike Stoops always pulls something out of his back pocket to lessen the blow of a sure disappointing season.

So long as this doesn't happen, I think it'll be a good game. At the very least, Arizona Stadium debuts the Red-White-Blue-Out ... What say you, Wildcat lovers?