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Chat: Arizona hosts NAU, MegaTron's debut

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We can assume, or hope for the sake of drunk freshman riots, that the Arizona Wildcats will beat the NAU Lumberjacks. OK, sometimes it's a blowout and others the game looks a little iffy, but hey, the Wildcats are 10-1 against their little brother all-time.

The more interesting storyline will be the debut of the jumbotron. It's been active for about a week now, and while pandas -- David Douglas told me there were pandas on the board during its first day of action -- and highlight reels have been airing in beautiful color, it's another thing to have game-action replays on the board. In fact, I'm debating myself whether to bother with the ZonaZoo (I'm incredibly lazy) or to set up a lawn chair somewhere near the Cherry Avenue garage to watch the video screen in comfort.

Anyway, it'll be fun to see a couple of new guys. Most intriguing?

Dan BucknerMarquis FlowersAdam Hall

, who is out to ACL injury.Of course, we'd like to see if the whole offensive line thing works out, too.

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