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Stoops spills beans to ESPN's Jenn Brown: Criner had appendectomy

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Arizona football's spokesperson Tom Duddleston tweeted Thursday afternoon that the Wildcats' lead receiver, Juron Criner, is missing the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys after undergoing an appendectomy on Monday. Per @TomDudd:

Stoops tells ESPN's Jenn Brown that Criner had appendectomy Monday. Doing great. Hopes to be back for Pac-12 opener. Week to week.

That's good news for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means the issue isn't related to Criner's ill mother or his sickness that forced him to miss the Pac-12's ESPN tour during the summer. Secondly, it means the issue should be resolved following this period of him being "week to week." 

Pretty sure appendectomy's aren't a huge deal following the recovery period, though I'm no doctor. And I suppose it's good the nipped the illness at the bud because I can't imagine getting hit by 240-pound linebackers would be good for a bad appendix.

Criner caught six balls for 151 yards in the 41-10 route of NAU last week, scoring one touchdown for the Wildcats.

So now that the issue is cleared up, we can finally get to that whole football thing. Kickoff's in an hour.