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Arizona Wildcats could play roundball on an aircraft carrier

The Arizona Wildcats basketball team is on a shortlist of possible options to play the defending NCAA champion Connecticut Huskies on, of all things, an aircraft carrier. According to an Associated Press report, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Texas or Illinois are in the running to play in the second Carrier Classic basketball game in 2012.

The 2011 kickoff of the event, put on by the Morale Entertainment Foundation, pits the North Carolina Tarheels and Michigan State Spartans in a match to be played upon the USS Carl Vinson at the North Island Naval Air Station near San Diego. That game is set for Nov. 11, which is Veterans Day.

My question is this: How does that work? The games are to be played on the flight deck, and on the open ocean I just wonder whether that will go well at all. Wind is a little little important in the scheme of shooting long-balls, especially. And I know the Phoenix Suns have played outdoors games the past few preseasons that haven't been the most polished of basketball performances.

Anything to give some troops a fun evening, I suppose.