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Gamethread: Oregon State Beavers (11-5) battle Arizona Wildcats (11-5)

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Arizona's last couple of games have been ugly, but this one against Oregon State has the potential to get downright chippy. For entertainment sake, let's hope so.

Who doesn't love a little bad blood, after all?

Craig Robinson's team has had an identity, even before this year's success. Remember the Wildcats losing to OSU in Corvallis, Ore., last year and then a very physical game in McKale? This year, there's all that plus two teams that have the same record and in some ways, the same question-marks about whether they have an easy route to the NCAA tournament.

The Beavers are coming off a quadruple-overtime game against Stanford. They lost 103-101, but that game highlights how desperate and urgency-filled the top six Pac-12 teams will become as the league members beat each other to a pulp for, quite possibly, two invites to the big dance.

And between these two teams, that sense of urgency might just come tonight.